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With the new album all recorded I’m pleased to say a few gigs are starting to come in. Hopefully in most instances I shall be accompanied by a selection of musicians who perform on the new album. First up is a show at the Isle of Arts Festival on the 19th April at the Boathouse in Ventnor. Tickets can be obtained here.

Then on the 18th May I’ll be performing in Stuttgart on this show which involves a solo performance, interview and then a performance accompanied by the amazing house band. This will be filmed and broadcast online.

June is the Isle of Wight Festival (venue tba) September Bestival at the Bandstand and possibly a couple of other festivals tbc.

Finally, for the moment, a tour of Germany, Austria and Switzerland for October /November has almost been finalised.

I can’t wait to be performing the new material with the new line-up, and (if I lose enough weight) a new wardrobe (hehehe).


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  1. Thanks again for a wonderful evening in Gera. I carry the powerful, melancholic, warming, furious melodies around like a jewel. To be kept warm and used as a source of inspiration and repose. I can hear the sea whispering through it.. ….

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