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I was recently invited to appear on a very interesting show called Uwe Schenk Trifft (Uwe Schenk Meets) in Stuttgart. Filmed in front of a live audience in a train shed/theatre, each show takes the form of a chat show/live gig focusing on just one artist. And what an eclectic selection of performers they have had, from legendary percussionist Nippy Noya to off the wall exponents of C64 keyboards Goto80. The show is funded by local sponsors and the two hosts with the in-house band perform live adverts for each of the sponsors in an irreverant and extremely light-hearted manner. It’s a delightful format built around the endearing personalities of the two hosts Andreas Vogel and his piano-playing sidekick Uwe Schenk, and the unbelievable talents of the musicians. Following the adverts I performed a 20 minute solo set of mostly new material which you can hear here, after which I was interviewed by the two hosts and then I got to perform a selection of my songs with the band- what a treat. When the show is posted on-line you will hear just what a great job they did, superb arrangements played by some top players. A complete indulgence. You can check out some of the previous shows here

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  1. Hey Boss, I hope the tour was a uber-success. Send me an email so I can correspond. x

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