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A bespoke song written and recorded just for you or a loved one on any subject you choose.

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Product Description

A Bespoke Song makes a unique and extremely personal gift. On receipt of payment you will receive an email from me beginning a short correspondence in which I ensure I have all the information I need to write a song that meets your exact requirements. I will then provide you with a fully produced studio recording of the song and/or, for a small additional fee, I will come and perform the song in person. If you are not happy with the song then I will provide a full refund.

I have been offering a bespoke songwriting service for several years now, receiving all manner of commissions, from writing two songs a day as a festival laureate; songs as gifts for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries and even deaths; songs for prizes; songs for causes such as Folk Against Fascism, songs for exhibitions and even a song about skateboarding to raise funds for my local skatepark!
I love the challenge of writing to a tight deadline. I also really enjoy the process of getting to know someone through song, creating a fully formed piece of work that hopefully represents some aspect of a person from just a few snippets of information.
Here are some testimonials from happy customers:
“I’ve listened to it and I’ve been blown away! Strong! Inspirational! Very Moving! You really have such a wonderful gift with words and music. The song really does epitomose such a lot of ……’s life. I think it’s absolutely wonderful. Thank you so much.”
“Paul- thank you so much for crafting such a great present for me. It was (and is) fantastic. I can think of nobody else who would have had the songwriter’s gift to come up with such a unique line….”
“Lots of people came up to me afterwards and said it was one of the most moving things they’d ever experienced, the best wedding present ever.”

I do not share private commissions but you can hear a selection of bespoke songs written for public occasions here.


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