Larmer Tree Lyrical Laureate

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2010_stampOne of the nicest and most intimate festivals of the season, the Larmer Tree Festival in Wiltshire have asked me to be this year’s Lyrical Laureate. This means that from Thursday 15th until Sunday 18th July I shall be meeting members of the audience and writing songs about them which I shall then perform in the evening accompanied by the wonderful JC Grimshaw. Then on the Sunday evening I shall finish off by performing all the songs written over the weekend. I’ll post the best here on my return!

9 thoughts on “Larmer Tree Lyrical Laureate

  1. Looking forward to your “Song for Panda” (Larmer Tree, 12.30pm, Sunday 18th July). Enjoyed seeing your performance today. You’re a very talented man. Thanks very much and good luck in the future. Cheers, Tim (Pandas’ Fiance).

    1. Thanks Tim, Very nice to have met you. I’m really pleased with Panda’s song. I will be recording it and putting it up on here but not for a couple of weeks so please keep checking.

  2. Just a quick note to thank you for providing such splendid memories for us at the Larmer Tree Festival. Your song writing abilities are superb – we watched ‘Bombs That Do Not Explode’ being crafted (thanks to Lewis Entwistle for being so open about himself!) and then performed. We bumped into your ever-sharp performance on the saw! We ended up in the Social Tent, chilling out to your wonderful lyrics. Thanks for a great time. We’re looking forward to next year. Regards, Warwick

    1. Thank you Warwick, it makes it all worthwhile to know that what I did was appreciated. It was a real leap into the unknown and I really enjoyed it. Please check back in a few weeks time when I’ll have all the songs on here for you to listen to.

      1. Cripes,
        I’ve never had a hand in an internet love-in like this before 🙂
        It was great to meet both of you Paul & Warwick. I will e-mail the words to ‘I Had That Dream Again Last Night…’ to you Paul, and hopefully we can catch up up again when you are on the ‘Mainland’.
        Take care ~Lewis

        PS I was out on site in Acton, West London today, but only dug up scrap metal at the site of some new flats.

        PPS I have fine photos of both of you if you are interested. Especially Warwick in his clown outfit!

          1. Lewis,

            And I would love to get a copy of the clown photo. However, beware! I have a photo of you in your outfit which I will send!!

  3. Hiya
    what is the name of the Afternoon Radio Ensemble or whatever who played in the Arc on Sunday with you on saw? Great moment with the Grass Mountain Hobos watching you intently in line from the stage!

    1. Hello Derek, That was the Gramophone Party
      An occasional outfit consisting of us three and sometimes supplemented by others. That was a nice moment with the other band watching. We hadn’t planned to play but JC and Angelina arrived at Larmer Tree on their way back from a show they’ve been doing based on the life of Al Bowley so they had all the gear with them, so it seemed daft not to show off a bit of what they can do. I’m really going to try and push for the whole five piece to play next year- it would blow peoples socks off the hear them all in full swing. If you want a CD let me know and I could add it to the shop page here for you, but it won’t be for a couple of weeks.
      Its an incestuous scene on the Isle of Wight, and I play with JC and Angelina in many different guises. This weekend Myself and JC are 2 thirds of Gypsy Jazz trio Tzigane performing at Highgrove. Will we see Charlie and get the Royal Seal of approval? Who knows.

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