Blood, Fish and Bone UK release date

At long last the new album has a UK release date of the 10th May. There will hopefully be some long overdue UK dates, who knows, maybe even a little tour. Seeing as Evermine never came out over here this will be the first since  Songs Without Words in 2003. I’m approaching Blue Nile levels of tardiness here, but with the next album already written there can be no excuses for such a prolonged absence again, and if there is, I promise I’ll get a note from my mom.


One thought on “Blood, Fish and Bone UK release date

  1. It’s a lovely album and it’s great that it’s finally got a UK release date. I hope you can get to play a date in Bristol/Bath/Salisbury/Frome or thereabouts so I can get to see you live again. It’s been too long. x

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