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So…. the new album is mixed, mastered and being pressed up as we speak. Unfortunately, budgetary restrictions mean it will not yet be released on vinyl, but CDs and downloads will be available from early October. The cover is a painting by my good friend Florian Mitgutsch and portrays me as a middle aged superhero in mid-flight.

The track-listing is as follows:

1/ Shhh

2/ The Morning After The Storm

3/ Migration

4/ You Will Be Loved Again

5/ The First

6/ This Photograph Is My Proof

7/ The Bell-Ringer’s Hands

8/ The Speed Of Clouds

9/ Dust/Rust/Trust

10/ My Apology

11/ Passed

12/ Up Here

Recorded at Studio Humbug by Jim and Rob Homes, the lineup features Rafe Spencer on double bass, Dave Godby on lap steel, pedal steel, oud and hammer dulcimer, JC Grimshaw on mandolins and guitars, Jake Rodrigues on ukulele, banjo, piano, accordion and guitar, Rupert Brown on drums, Brian Sharpe on guitar, Paul Butler on sitar, charanga, kora, piano and horns percussion, Mari Persen on strings, Donal O’Riain on violin and Barklay McKay on piano.


6 thoughts on “Up Here

    1. Ohh we really would have loved to have done vinyl, but the costs were prohibitive. Keep watching though because I’d love to do it eventualy.

      1. Dear Paul,
        It was really amazing to discover your music this year through a german blog. It made a great year better and it was inspiring to my own music.
        Sadfully I didn’t made it to the concert in Gera but I’m looking forward to the gig in Erfurt next year.
        My girlfriend gave me your first album as an vinyl as a present for christmas. Thank you for the personal note on it. That made it special and it felt like be treated personal and not being a random guy. Thank you a lot. I wish you a great new year.

        Wieland//Canned Applause

        1. It was my pleasure Wieland. Thank you so much for your message, it’s so nice to hear from you. Please come and introduce yourself to me in Erfurt, and please tell your friends, last time I was there I played to only three or four people. All the very best to you for a happy new year. Px

          1. Hej Paul,
            I wrote you two weeks ago via soundcloud. Don’t know if you check it regulary. I surely will introduce myself to you in Erfurt and bring some friends. I would also love to play as support act there for you. Looming forward to hear from you.


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