10712711_1510826295835356_1770011572264064351_n[vc_row][vc_column width=”5/6″][vc_column_text]Greetings!

The Paul Armfield’s Friends Society is a pioneering subscription service, a fully interactive members’ club, something to sustain interest in my career for both you AND for me. This is a chance for me to connect with and to serve you, my audience in a uniquely personal way. Much, much more than a crowdfunding ‘advance’, this turns patronage into a motivational force, your sponsorship will enable and encourage me to keep on writing and recording and will help me fund further marketing and promotion, build my profile and make a career in music ever more feasible and sustainable.
For just an annual subscription of £30, you will receive:

  • A free download of my first four albums: Songs Without Words, Evermine, Blood, Fish and Bone, and Tennyson
  • Access to the ‘Society of Friends Forum’
  • A free monthly cover version performed by me, as chosen by members of the Society of Friends via the Forum
  • A free monthly bespoke song written and performed by me, on subject matter chosen by members of the Friends Society via the Forum
  • A free monthly download of exclusive material from my archive
  • An annual online concert from my home with a set list decided by members of the Friends Society via the Forum
  • 20% discount on all purchases from the paularmfield.com shop
  • An exclusive half price offer on bespoke songs: £150 to members for a song written to order, rather than the usual £300
  • A free Christmas gift
  • Any other exclusives opportunities that present themselves along the way

I have a good record of bespoke songwriting and love a deadline so this should hopefully be a fun adventure for all concerned. And as anyone who remembers my original forum will attest, it was a great place to be, populated by decent and lovely people!
You can become a member at any time, but there is no time like the present (he says with a cheeky wink, hoping for an initial boost to help fund the ‘Found’ album).
To join, just follow this link.
All aboard,