Trigonometry/A Little Something live

Performing Trigonometry and A Little Something (with saw) in Wetzlar on 3rd November 2009

3 thoughts on “Trigonometry/A Little Something live

  1. Hi Paul

    Good to see the website up & running again…now all we need is a forum and a few decent arguments!
    Good luck with the tour x

  2. Website Schmedsite. What does it matter, as long as a man’s got a tour! I have to admit, the news gave me double joy. One for you and one in the eye for all my ‘friends’ in the music business who I sent your last album to. While they were all very flattering of you and your talent, the waves of negativity towards anybody that hadn’t won an X-Factor was palpable. Fuck ’em. The better you do, the happier I’ll be. God Bless The Work. David & Caroline

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