Vapour Trails

The drizzle that dampens every crevice
The grime that soils each dream
This nation that’s forged its own shackles
The red brick that’s swallowed the green
It’s no place for one of such beauty
The poison will soon reach your heart
They’ll scuffle your shine ’til it’s blackenned
Come take your chances with me

I want to take you down to the river
Follow the source to the mouth
There we’ll steal a boat
And follow the vapour trails south

Sail away to the citrus and saffron
Terracotta and umber and green
Where the sun will greet us as strangers
With our skin as pale as the moon
To somewhere they won’t understand us
And you can talk only to me
To where there are windows that open
And where there’s no shit in the sea

I want to show you you’re better than this
More than a good laugh, a grope and a kiss
I want to steal you away from this hallogen night
And show you there are stars that sparkle just as bright as you

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