Greewich Meantime is mean to me
I mean time is too fast to see
Many seasons, many loves
As if your love was not enough
From southern breeze to northern snow
there’s a line that I must toe
Other girls fall in between
To tempt me from this path serene

But you turned me 55 degrees
And from that angle I can plainly see
All my crimes of misogyny
It’s trigonometry

Now we all know that the sun must set
Because it’s never faltered yet
But chaos theory says that it might
Defy the law, stay out all night
Even nature can break the law
And I’m only human after all
So if I’m unfaithful and sometimes cruel
That’s the exception that proves the rule

After all the times that I turned from you
I come full circle now you’re back in view
And I can see the harm I’ve done
I never meant to cause you pain or tears
And I know that I cannot make up for all those years
Or put the bullet back in the gun

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