The Return

Petals for your teardrops
Bandage for your wounds
Medals for your courage
Flowers for your room
Pistols for the liars
Prayers for the true
All these things I’ll carry with me
‘Til I’m home with you

Whisky for my yearning
Brandy for my tears
Drinking takes you so far away
‘Til drinking brings you near
Petrol for the fire
Flames turn to blue
The torch that keeps the embers burning
‘Til I’m home with you

So when will you believe that I cannot deceive you
Even when I’m sleeping I dream of you

I dream of you twice nightly
I dream of you all day
I fall asleep just thinking of you
Dreaming only keeps me awake

There is no treatment
No antidote
There will never ever be
A cure for hope
I watch the horizon
I scour the view
Eternaly returning to that
Fading glimpse of you

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