Song of Goodbye

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I never said a word
Not even under my breath
I didn’t even think it
I don’t know what you’ve heard
I know the rumours abound
The wind spreads them around
But I swear I’m not cheating

I wouldn’t even know how
To abate your suspicions know
You won’t know if it’s bait ’til they reel in the line
And at the end of the day
Do you want to believe what I say
Or do you just want to sing a song of goodbye

The sky is falling down
I smell thunder in the air
Somewhere the clouds are burning
There’ll be no rainbows here
You sow the seeds of doubt
And once the flowers are out
You know there’ll be no returning

This is no place for denial
This is the sentence without a trial
My story’s the same if I’m open or lie
So I’ll just pack up my case
And stare my fate straight in the face
And smile as I sing a song of goodbye

So sing a song of loneliness
Sing a song of weariness
Sing along with tears in your eyes
Sing a song with hope in it
Not a sour note in it
Sing as though you’re singing goodbye
Sing a song of leaving
sing a song of grieving
Sing while looking fear in the eye
Sing something simple
Sing something sinful
Sing oh sing a song of goodbye

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