Beauty Lies

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From gold to grey
Silk turns to leather
Pride becoming envy
Charm makes way for vanity
Well the weather has worn
Childbirth has torn
Gravity pulled you down to earth by your skin
Beauty lies

From passion to weariness
Love to duty
Lust turns to betrayal
Adoration now charity
Well you can walk hand in hand with time
Or stop and be trampled by those that walk behind
Beauty lies

Well your shadow is cast by the light of an era gone by
When flashlight reflected your sparkle in every mans eye
But the spotlight turns dim and the crowd turns away
When your youthful commodities crash on the rocks of old age
And Beauty dies

They spoiled you
Now you’re spoiled
Once pampered
Now needy
From dawn to twighlight
Youth to reality
Well youth is beauty
Beauty is youth
But don’t you go confusing beauty with truth
‘Cause beauty lies

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