Paul Armfield’s Friends Society

Orphaned by my record company as it drew it’s last breath earlier this year, and twice snubbed by the Arts Council as not worthy of their funding, I find myself abandoned, left to fend alone, a bearded singer/songwriter adrift in a world already drowning in bearded singer/songwriters. Sniff.
But this is no sob story, necessity is, after all, the mother of invention. The rug in my studio may be bare from pacing, my chin sore from scratching and my brow knotted beyond unraveling, but I have, at last, a plan.
Paul Armfield’s Friends Society,  a pioneering subscription service, a fully interactive members’ club, something to sustain interest in my career for both you AND for me. This is a chance for me to connect with and to serve you, my audience in a uniquely personal way. Much, much more than a crowdfunding ‘advance’, this turns patronage into a motivational force, your sponsorship will enable and encourage me to keep on writing and recording and will help me fund further marketing and promotion, build my profile and make a career in music ever more feasible and sustainable.
For just an annual subscription of £30, you will receive:

  • A free download of my first four albums: Songs Without Words, Evermine, Blood, Fish and Bone, and Tennyson
  • Access to the ‘Friends Society Forum’
  • A free monthly cover version performed by me, as chosen by members of the Friends Society via the Forum
  • A free monthly bespoke song written and performed by me, on subject matter chosen by members of the Friends Society via the Forum
  • A free monthly download of exclusive material from my archive
  • An annual online concert from my home with a set list decided by members of the Friends Society via the Forum
  • 20% discount on all purchases from the shop
  • An exclusive half price offer on bespoke songs: £150 to members for a song written to order, rather than the usual £300
  • A free Christmas gift
  • Any other exclusives opportunities that present themselves along the way

I have a good record of bespoke songwriting and love a deadline so this should hopefully be a fun adventure for all concerned. And as anyone who remembers my original forum will attest, it was a great place to be, populated by decent and lovely people!
You can become a member at any time, but there is no time like the present (he says with a cheeky wink, hoping for an initial boost to help fund the ‘Found’ album).
To join, just follow this link.
All aboard,

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