October Tour Dates

I’m very pleased to be able to share details of the forthcoming tour to promote the launch of ‘Up Here’ in October. There are several other dates to be confirmed and we haven’t even begun to look at UK dates yet.

All gigs listed here will be with the new band consisting of myself, Dave Godby, Rafe Spencer and Gaspar Sena, where possible we will also have my right-hand-man J.C Grimshaw in tow.

11.10.13 Bielefeld / Falkendom

12.10.13 Bugewitz / Kulturverein Weitblick
13.10.13 Hoppegarten / Haus der Generationen
14.10.13 Dresden / Dreikönigskirche (tickets here)
15.10.13 Hannover / Café Glocksee
16.10.13 Magdeburg / Weinladen
18.10.13 Berlin / Kugelbahn
19.10.13 Gera / Clubzentrum Comma (tickets here and here)
20.10.13 Montabaur / Atelier Kunst und Therapie
22.10.13 Tübingen / Arsenal Kino
23.10.13 Stuttgart / Café Galao
24.10.13 Köln / King Georg
25.10.13 Münster / CD Forum (@Plattenladenwoche)
28.10.13 Zürich / El Lokal
29.10.13 Wetzlar / Franzis
31.10.13 Kiel / Hansa 48
01.11.13 (NL) Leijden / q-bus
15.11.13 Wien / Bluebird Festival

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