Breathe Fire

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As some of you might remember, a few years ago I shaved off my hair and beard to raise money for the Bhopal Medical Appeal. It went extremely well, we had a fantastic evening and raised over £5,000. I carry the ‘Bhopal Beardpal’ moniker with pride!

The Bhopal Medical Appeal do a fantastic job in supplying the only free medical support to the many thousands still afflicted by the lingering pollution of the 1984 gas leak that killed 25,000 of the world’s poorest people, moreover they work hard to keep the story in the news, ensuring that the accountability of Union Carbide, the owners of the chemical plant, is not forgotten. You can read more here.

To this end they are asking artists to record their interpretations of a specially commissioned song ‘Breathe Fire’, you can hear the many different versions here. Of course, I wasn’t about to be left out so I’ve done my own version which you can hear here.

Please spare a minute to take a look and if you feel so inclined, support this incredibly worthwhile charity.

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